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CORE Gravel Installations

These projects show the variety of ways clients have taken advantage of our CORE line of stabilized gravel and grass surfaces. From large public spaces to a single family home's driveway CORE Gravel can assist in making the best use of space possible that is environmentally attractive and long lasting.

As the grasses grow in the resort returns to it's natural look.

Travaasa Hana Resort, Maui

People are very aware of 'The Road To Hana'. CORE Gravel was involved in installing a green road "IN" Hana. Getting around Maui's beautiful Travaasa Hana Resort is typically done via golf cart pathways. Unfortunately the Fire Marshall insisted they need better access in case of a fire. The solution? CORE grass pathways to enhance the existing golf cart paths. This keeps the resort green and the Fire Marshal happy.

Aerial view of Four Freedoms Park.

Four Freedoms Park, New York City

Four Freedoms Park is a memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Located on the souther tip of Roosevelt Island in New York City the park is free to the public. CORE Gravel supplied the materials for the gravelled walkways along the seawall fo the park. This consists of the CORE Gravel grid foundation filled with aggregate and topped with SolePave binder which binds the gravel to a hardened surface.

CORE driveway installation in a Habitat for Humanity installation in Courtenay, BC

Habitat For Humanity Driveway

Core Gravel installed a 6000 ft. permeable gravel driveway and parking areas for a Habitat For Humanity multifamily development in Courtenay, British Columbia. The CORE gravel portion of the project was performed over a 5 day period and completed with the help of volunteers of all ages and skill sets. CORE gravel is truly a DIY friendly system!

On completion of the CORE Soluv surfaced public space Cabot Square can be enjoyed by all Montrealers.

Cabot Square, Montreal

The revitalization of Cabot Square in Montreal is all about building and working on a strategy addressing Aboriginal homelessness in Montreal. We were thrilled to be involved with the redevelopment of this historic site. With a CORE Gravel foundation topped with the Soluv, this bound gravel surface will be suitable for any weather Montreal can throw at it.

The finished pathway blends in naturally with the park, being contained the aggregate is held within the path.

Town of Comox - Port Augusta Park Trail

On behalf of the Town of Comox Core Gravel constructed Port Augusta Park Trail. This 500m long winding pathway goes from Beaufort Avenue to the beach at Comox Bay. It was created using the CORE Gravel system which allows for a curved path design that fits well within the environment. This stabilized gravel surface is attractive, safe, weed free and stays dry year round. The Town of Comox loves the low maintenance provided with the use of the CORE Gravel system.

Making the best of what you have to work with. An unused space is transformed into a driveway and patio area.

Montreal Driveway Installation

When space is at a minimim you need to get creative. This is certainly evident in developing this space into a patio area/driveway!

Once the grass has matured the green space is suitable for vehicle parking.

CORE Grass Parking Area Installation

Turn an unused piece of your property into a reinforced green space that is suitable for parking vehicles, RVs or boats any time of year. This porous surface will not create ruts over time.

CORE Gravel grids retain the gravel and ends rutting and sinking on a gravel driveway. It is also weed free and allows for landscaping right up to the driveway's edge.

Sloped Driveway Installation

The CORE Gravel foundation grid system allows home owners to install a driveway on a sloped grade without having to go to the extra expense of paving. A finished CORE Gravel driveway blends in well with the area's landscaping and is porous, reducing runoff and icy cold weather conditions.

Home Owner Driveway, California

A DIY installation of CORE Gravel grids by a very creative and talented homeowner in Northern California. Using our extra heavy duty grid, CORE gravel 60-40, our client created a gorgeous driveway and RV parking stall designed to last indefinately. He even included a wheel stop for his camper by way of setting a large stone into the grids and gravel. Looks fantastic!