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CORE Grass™ Driveways

CORE Grass™ Driveways

CORE Grass Technical Specifications

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CORE Grass 50-35 Cells: 50mm x 35mm deep

CORE Grass™ 50-35*

Use: Residential driveway or fire access lanes where sporadic but heavy use is anticipated, access for campers and trailers.
Cell Size: 50 mm wide x 35 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 2.0 mm
Sheet Size: 1.2 m  x .72 m (47.3" x 28.3") = 9.3 sq.ft.
Cell Colour: Green
Geotextile Fabric: No
Compressive Strength: 150 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes
CORE Markers: No

CORE Grass 60-40 Cells: 60mm x 40mm deep Features built-in lateral drainage

CORE Grass™ 60-40*

Use: Heavy duty vehicular traffic
Cell Size: 60 mm wide x 40 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 2.5 mm
Sheet Size: 1.15 m x 1.0 m (45.3" x 39.4") = 12.4 sq.ft.
Cell Colour: Green
Geotextile Fabric: No
Compressive Strength: 200 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes, Heavy Duty
CORE Markers: No
The 60-40 is our new generation heavy duty panel, created for North American commercial parking lot applications (our trucks are just bigger!), rooftop (avoiding the need for drainage mats) and surfaces with a high water table. How? Using our BUILT-IN LATERAL DRAINAGE FEATURE.

CORE Grass 60-45 Cells: 60mm x 45mm deep

CORE Grass™ 65-45*

Sheet Size: 1.15 m x 0.80 m (45.3" x 31.5") = 9.9 sq.ft.

This is our heaviest duty panel yet. Created for those sites where consistent (daily) use by heavy vehicles is anticipated. (65-45 is only available R).
Great for horse pastures and REALLY heavy vehicle parking! 



*These numbers represent the width and depth in millimetres of a each honeycomb-shaped cell

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Material 100% Recycled or virgin polypropylene (PP)
Colour Standard: Green
Optional: Black, White and custom colours
Cell Shape Honeycomb cells
Cell Wall Height 35mm – 45mm
Strength 150 – 250 tons/m2 (EMPTY)
Chemical Resistence Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Medium Sheet Size 50-35 = 47.2” x 28.5” (1200mm x 800 mm) or 60-40 = 45.3″ x 39.4″  (1150 x 1000 mm) or 65-45 = 45.3″ x 31.5″ (1150 X 800 mm)
Jumbo Sheet Size 2-3 times panel size as per above
Custom sizes also available

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We are the Canadian/US Distributors for the CORE Gravel™ product line. 
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