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CORE Geocell Surfaces

CORE Geocell Surfaces

CORE Geocell Earth Retention Install Guide

Subgrade Preparation

1. Excavate and shape foundation soils.

2. Ensure foundation soil meets minimum strength requirements through proof rolling or other conventional method. If unacceptable foundation soils are encountered, excavate and replace with suitable quality material.

Separation Layer and Base Materials Installation

3. When separation between subgrade soil and infill material is required, place geotextile over subgrade.

4. If additional base materials or engineered soils are required between separation geotextile and CORE Geocell, install the appropriate depth and compact to a minimum 95% Standard Proctor or 90-92% Modified Proctor test - dependent upon locale and soil conditions.

CORE Geocell Panel Placement and Connection

5. Position and expand CORE Geocell panels to the appropriate dimensions. Hold individual panels in their expanded positions with rebar J-pins or wooden stakes. Join panels using traditional stapling methods or connecting studs.

6. Confirm each CORE Geocell panel is expanded uniformly and correctly aligned. Nest panels along each joint to ensure adjacent CORE Geocell panels are flush at joint and adjoining cells are fully anchored. Alternate the installation of rebar J-pins or wooden stakes to ensure each panel is stable.

Exposed Aggregate or Engineered Infill

7. Fill CORE Geocell with specified aggregate material progressively from front to back. Be sure to use an infill material with particle sizes appropriate for the specified depth of the CORE Geocell.

8. For vegetative walls fill inner cells progressively with aggregate infill material. Limit the drop height of infill material to 1m to avoid displacement of the cell wall. Fill outer cells with soil to allow vegetation to grow.

9. Overfill cells to allow for layered compaction, as the structure forms. Ensure to stagger rebar J-Pins on each layer.

10. Compact infill to a minimum of 95% Standard Proctor or 90-92% Modified Proctor test.

Click Here for a CORE Geocell Specifications & Install Guide.

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